Story Songwriting Courses and Private Artist Consultation Sessions

Stephen Day currently conducts workshops and 6 week courses for TEV America, the American branch of Theatre of Eternal Values. He is also available from time to time to give customized artist consultation sessions. For more info on Customized Artists sessions visit Stephen’s Patreon page and/or contact Stephen directly via email

Story Songwriting

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Story Songwriting is a 6 Week Course that will help you write songs that reflect major shifts in your life and connect them to changes that effect the destiny of the human race. This occurs through your understanding of real-life situations, past incidents, dreams, and other events — by acting them out in the present moment through song and creative expression. There are two tiers; beginner’s and advanced. Advanced students develop a Personalized Learning Plan for album projects and other larger goals that help them develop as complete artists. Beginners master basic skills and establish a routine for writing that helps them become lifelong story songwriters.
The methods used in this workshop can be very useful for accomplished artists as well as for people who are just starting out. Artists, seekers, and yogis will find this course particularly useful on their path to enlightenment and in their collective spiritual work for the good of humanity.

  • Poornima Kirby, Artistic Director Theatre of Eternal Values - America
    'Stephen Day creates an environment of love, playfulness, and sweetness in class that puts students at ease and encourages them to create and present their new material'
  • Tanja Otto, High School Teacher, Germany
    "Before taking the story songwriting class I hadn't even considered myself being able to write a song. The course encouraged me to try it out and provided lots of material and resources for getting started in the songwriting world. Stephen helped each one of us tirelessly with developing our ideas into songs and I am amazed about the progress I made!"
  • Annie Lieberman, Artist and Singing Instructor 'Everyone Can Sing' Los Angeles
    I am a professional vocalist and voice teacher who has worked in the music industry for over 30 years. My background includes training and experience in various genres of music including Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Opera. When I came to Stephen I was looking for a new direction in my life and career. Stephen opened up my mind (and ears!) to hearing music differently and has taken my singing and artist career to a completely new level. I highly recommend his private lessons, artist coaching sessions, and/or his songwriting course to anyone that wants to unlock and find the treasure chest of musical joy that lies within themselves.
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