Namaste Review


Review By: Joe Vignole

“Namaste”, the song, is a nice one-word chant – a bit simpler than Jim Pepper’s underground classic  “Witchy Tai Toe”  It’s a driving four minute and fifty-one second essay with Indian instruments, Rolling Stones bassist Darryl Jones, and Stephen Day’s very clever and matter-of-fact vocals which work as effectively as David LaFlamme and It’s A Beautiful Day’s iconic “White Bird”, though Day’s voice is more appealing, as is the psychedelic guitar that kicks in during the last minute as the orchestration fades.  As wonderful as that track is my fave has to be “Top of the Stairs”. The EP was recorded in Delhi india and in three different studios in Hollywood and the production is reminiscent of The New Radicals  1999 hit “You Get What You Give”  

A lilting “na na” over the swirling instruments and voices that go counter to the melody make for an extraordinary listening experience.  Very nice indeed.    “11th and Montana”could show up in a Neil Young movie, on the back of a wooden house on the farm with what sounds like a ukulele or banjo, low key Simon & Garfunkel with a solid backbeat.   The 3 song sampler oozes with professionalism and fun, great stuff.